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【新书出版】Crabs of Marine and Freshwater
Author: Jawad  
Printing ISBN:978-1-987842-04-3
Electronic ISBN: 978-1-987842-05-0
Publisher: Sophia Publishing Group
  • Crabs are crustaceans’ animals, which typically have a very short projecting tail or abdomen, usually entirely hidden under the thorax. There are thousands of species of crabs inhabiting all the world's oceans, fresh water, and on land. They characterised in having a thick exoskeleton covering their body and have a single pair of claws. 
    Sexes of crabs can be differentiated in morphological features with males often have larger claws. These claws are usually used in communication during mating season. The end of the abdomen is narrow and triangular in male, while it is broad in female.
    The crabs play an important role in the marine and freshwater ecosystems and in the recent years large number of the crab’s species became endangered. Therefore, conservation management plan is needed urgently to stop these species from extinction.
    The references listed at the end of each issue of this series are used to obtain the information given in the booklet. The images were either taken from the Wikipedia website or from the reference given below each of them. With these, this booklet is expected to cater to the needs of the beginners of students in marine science. 
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